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Ninasun100's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Ova Review

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Rated: 4

This movie was by far the worst of its years. Just to plainly say it out: I did not like it. At all(Hate is a very strong word...). This movie is 90% violence, and the 10% was Cloud's problems.


The fighting scenes happened too fast and too inhumane for the human eye to actually take it all in. The producers treat all the characters as if they were gods, and thus make them very un-realistic.

I know this review was short, but there's nothing much to say when all you can pinpoint are the bad points.(Please don't complain to me if the score is too low for your liking)

Hopefully, if they make another movie, they can fix their mistakes and make a better, more complete movie.

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Ninasun100's Kingdom Hearts Tv And Game Review

Kingdom Hearts

Rated: 6

Kingdom Hearts isn't a failure. I can't say it's a home runner either. It's simply an idea gone wrong and certain turns. Or it's just an idea that made sense on paper, but producer's eyes were covered with a blindfold. SE didn't see anything beyond a catchy tune, a plot that sounds nice, and Disney characters.

Personally, I got addicted when I first got the game, and then it got unaddictive right after I finished it(About 2 days, and usually it should be close to a week or so before the game is finished)
It's about 48 hours of gameplay(If you skip through all the worlds pretty quickly), but if you are a perfectionist, then it would probably take about a week to get everything. And you know what? AFTER YOU GET EVERYTHING, THE GAME IS POINTLESS TO PLAY.

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